Why do people want to buy vineyards?

We have observed a number of reasons why investors may wish to purchase vineyards, with or without a grand château.

  1. Vertical integration into an existing distribution network.

    One known potential client has a network of over 400 retail outlets in mainland China. This client may wish to purchase an under-performing ‘lesser’ Bordeaux property, invest to improve the quality of the production, change the marketing (and potentially the brand) to make it more ‘China friendly’ (think of a red and gold label for Château 88…), increase the ex-cellars price and distribute primarily through their existing retail network.
  2. Development of a hotel / spa / wine tourism centre.

    Another client has approached Phoenix with a mandate to source a substantial property in a wine region, with a view to developing a high-end spa hotel, with bespoke visits/tastings/dinners at the region’s best producers. This developer also wishes to produce a quality wine.

    Some properties on the market, outside the most premium wine producing areas, include beautiful châteaux, some vineyards, and enough other land to to develop a large resort or even a golf course.
  3. A luxury lifestyle choice.

    Some UHNW clients, especially in HK, Shanghai and Singapore, where property prices are so high, are astonished to learn that they can procure a grand 17th Century French château, in 60 hectares of grounds, including 30 hectares of vineyards, for the price of a modest family apartment in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels.

    Such clients may enjoy the appeal of a luxury European holiday home where they can host extended family and friends. They may well also like the prospect of making their own label wine too. In such cases, this is rarely a commercial investment, and rather a luxury lifestyle choice.

Why Use Phoenix for Vineyard Acquisition?

We have observed a number of reasons why investors may wish to purchase vineyards, with or without a grand château.

  • The CEO and CFO both have experience of this market through another venture
  • We have local ‘on the ground’ connections in most wine-producing regions, feeding us information as interesting new properties come to market – usually ‘off-market’
  • Phoenix has robust connections, above all in Bordeaux, and also in Burgundy, Tuscany, Napa, Sonoma, England and Barossa, to be able to source properties for its clients.
  • We have the linguistic skills to act on our clients’ behalf in most markets
  • We can offer in-house expertise in structured finance for any such deals
  • We have connections to some of the top Oenologists in Bordeaux, who would likely be willing to advise new owners on aspects of viticulture (growing the grapes) and viniculture (making the wines)
  • We are a ‘one-stop shop’ facilitating the entire process for our clients

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