Wine Gifts

Wine is a wonderful option for gifting. Here are few ideas for you to use wines for gifts:

Dinner Parties:

Going to a friend's dinner party at home. Why not get us to deliver your gift - a single bottle, half a case or perhaps a full case - ahead of your arrival, or deliver at your place for you to take with you.

If it is a "wine dinner" you have been invited to and not sure what to take, let us select your contribution towards the party. We can even curate depending on the choice of menu.

Birthday Gifts

Whether it is a an annual birthday or a milestone birthday of a friend, grand parent, parent, sibling, spouse, business partner et al, indulge them with a drinking or investment quality wine. Just share the details with us and we can recommend as well as arrange for the delivery.

Wedding gift

Help the marrying couple start or expand their wine fridge or cellar, though stellar collections from us, which have been specifically curated for the couple. We can arrange for the delivery on the big day or as most of our clients prefer, delivered to them at a later stage directly to their home or wine cellars.

Cellars for your children and God children

How about building a mini- cellar for each of your children? On their birthdays, lay down a collection which they can enjoy on their milestone birthdays in future. We can help you build these cellars, with ideas curated for you and your child, store these wines for you in pristine condition and share the details on their birthdays with beautifully curated wine cards, showing how their collection is building.

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